Argentina – The Iguazu National Park, a great example of accessible tourism

The Iguazu National Park, founded in 1934, is located in the north of the province of Misiones, Argentina and covers an area of 672 km 2 . In 1984, the park was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites , this is because inside it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful and well-known natural landscapes in South America, namely the one dominated by the spectacular Iguazu Falls , formed by the river of the same name and entirely immersed in the tropical forest. Click here to discover all our accessible travel proposals !! Furthermore, its importance is expanded due to the numerous endangered species that live within its borders, such as the jaguar, the tapir, the ocelot and the anteater. The Iguazu National Park But there is still another aspect for which this park excels and is appreciated worldwide, which is its great commitment to successfully pursuing a first-rate accessible tourism policy from day one. In fact, before the authority represented by the Argentine Ministry of Tourism, it decided to renew and redefine the guidelines in relation to accessibility for accommodation and tourist services. This program is realized with a whole series of services made available exclusively to visitors with disabilities, such as a system of walkways equipped with ramps and large transit spaces, suitable toilets, excellent signage, menus in Braille for the blind , an ecological train powered by solar energy and caddy-type vans for travel, including many other resources aimed at ensuring everyone, without exception, the full enjoyment of visiting the park, elected among other things in 2011, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. An example to imitate finally arrives from Argentina, which hopefully can be repeated in other parts of the world as soon as possible with the same and full result.

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