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Disabled adoption

One of the first historical evidences of adoption dates back to the second millennium BC, when, with the Code of Hammurabi, the rules to be followed in order to adopt an orphan were established. Since then, this very important legal institution has undergone various transformations and renovations but, even today, it is not always easy for a couple to be able to realize this dream. Too often, however, we look at the exclusive point of view of the adopters and not the adopted ones, so that adoption risks becoming a simple means to satisfy a selfish desire of future parents. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! Think for example of the 300 disabled minors who, as reported by the Department for Juvenile Justice a few years ago, were still waiting to find a family. Therefore, one should realize that the first beneficiary is the child; it is necessary to understand that these are the first victim, where not very clear dynamics or too complex bureaucracies occur. Recently in Italy, a handicapped child was rejected by a list of parents awaiting adoption, precisely because of her disability. The Italian law, however, provides that not only couples but also a single person can apply for adoption. In the case of this child, fortunately, a single father has expressed the will to take care of her. By informing you about this episode, we intend to exalt the gesture of this single dad who, despite the difficulties he will surely face, has found the courage and love to adopt the disabled child giving her a better future.

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