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Beach holidays for the disabled

Sea , emotion and nature are elements that form the backdrop to the unique experience of diving. The diver, in fact, especially when experienced, ends up creating a very close and intense bond with the marine world, learning to love its beauties, but also to know the currents and the dangers that can be hidden in this natural habitat. For many people, diving is much more than a sport, but a real lifestyle, so much so that they work day by day to be close and to give the opportunity to practice, even to those who theoretically have difficulty swimming. because hindered by the lack of tools and opportunities that help to free oneself from the impediment given, for example, by a disability. This is why in recent times, we are witnessing a real boom in associations and volunteers, who, moved by solidarity and a strong dose of altruism, are trying hard to make these people's dreams come true. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! In this panorama, the “Delfosub” association stands out, founded in 1999 in Arezzo, which for some years has been carrying out a project that includes a week of diving in the wonderful sea of Sharm El Sheikh. It is an opportunity recommended to every disabled person who has the possibility in this way and albeit for a short time, to put aside a wheelchair and other supports, in order to be free to enjoy the spectacle offered by the colorful corals and the numerous species. of fish that live in these waters. An authoritative testimony that reaffirms how this activity is suitable for everyone, is given by Stefano Tassi , former president of Delfosub, as well as a diving instructor: – "The presence of a physical handicap is not an obstacle to learning to swim or become a diver. Indeed, living this passion or approaching any other type of activity helps to fight fear, loneliness, to strengthen courage and self-confidence ››. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! Obviously the children are supported at every stage by experts and guides who not only accompany them underwater, but through courses, give basic notions to avoid accidents and not to get hurt. All this, however, could not develop, without the great contribution that this association, albeit with difficulty, has managed to obtain over time from local people and structures stimulated by such a beautiful initiative. Moreover, Thanks to Delfosub and the increased security checks by the Egyptian authorities, tourism in the Red Sea, which has recently fallen due to terrorism, is rapidly strengthening. The effort was truly remarkable, so much so that the place where these activities are carried out called the “ Sheikh Coast Diving Center ” is the only center to date certified Ddi (Disabled Divers International) and also Hsa (Handiccaped Scuba Association) Italy. Pierpaolo Peluso , a key figure of the group and underwater photographer, declared that: – "It was" they "who changed us with their arrival. We studied together what the real needs are and how to adapt, with useful interventions that respond to real needs ››. We should therefore applaud these people who make their skills and passions available to everyone by making sport so far off-limits accessible and make us understand how important it is to carry on what we believe in and in particular to help the less fortunate, who have so much to do. teaching and their smile or the emotion in their eyes always reward us, transforming us for sure into better and more mature subjects.

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