Go4All – “The After Us”: Go4All in the classroom in Camerino

The Conference on social commitment and new professionalism for the Third Sector, held on October 19 at the School of Law of the University of Camerino, moderated by the coordinator of the Degree course in Social Sciences for International Cooperation and Non-Profit Bodies, Prof. Catia Eliana Gentilucci, saw among the speakers the Hon. Laura Coccia , athlete with disabilities and member of parliament in the Chamber of Deputies. La Coccia underlined the importance of the “After us” law, thanks to which for the first time it is the state that arranges economic resources for the assistance of people with disabilities when their family members will no longer be there. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! At the conference, which was attended by a wide audience of university and high school students as listeners, we too were invited with the Go 4 all association , in the person of dr. Dario Imperatore who, claiming the right of access to conventional tourism as a tool for the social inclusion of people with disabilities, spoke about professional opportunities in the accessible tourism sector, first of all the Disability Manager . The debate was attended by other important national and territorial associations (Anffas, Coos Marche, Fideas, Asscoop, Assif, Arci Servizio Civile Ancona, Lacam) who spoke on the real needs of people with disabilities and on the training of professionals who should support daily needs. logistic, health, moral, juridical and economic of the disabled "after" the death of the direct guardians (parents and family members). In short, a beautiful day of meeting, training and knowledge, in which we were able to talk and make our reality known to professionals and young people, receiving a lot of approval and smiles. Go on like this! # Go4All The After Us convention convention

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