Journey to the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps!

Here are some excerpts from the article by our Pamela Cazzaniga, published on Travel Agenda. New York. United States. When you see it for the first time you are literally blown away! New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that welcomes you so much that you immediately feel at home. The beating heart of the Big Apple is enclosed in Times Square, the infamous square where the thousands of LED lights illuminate it day and night. It is located in the Midtown area, and this is where outlandish costumed characters interact with passers-by. Click here now to discover our accessible trip to New York! From frenzy to tranquility, yes, because New York is also this. A walk in the green lung of the city is a must. Central Park, located in Uptown, divides the Upper West Side and Upper East Side residential neighborhoods. The park can be crossed on foot, by bicycle, in a wheelchair (all accessible) or in a romantic horse-drawn carriage. Numerous inhabitants, but also tourists, go to the park for a jog. Inside there are many must-see attractions that are easily recognizable in the various films that pay homage to it. Among my favorites is Strawberry Fields, a memorial dedicated to singer John Lennon inspired by the Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever".


How to admire the skyscapers from above? Simple, just get on one of the observatories in the city. Currently the tallest building in America, and sixth in the world, is the Freedom Tower (also known as Tower One), with a height of 541 meters. The fast elevator leads to the 102nd floor while a movie shows a NY from the 30s to today. The view from the top is truly priceless. You can see the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building with the naked eye. Next to the tower is the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the fountains where the names of the victims of the attack are engraved. The huge pools were built where the "Twin Towers" once stood and perfectly symbolize the tragedy suffered. They convey a sense of helplessness and reverence accentuated by the incessant sound of water. Another important observatory in the city is the “Top of The Rock”, atop the Rockefeller Center with a design similar to an ocean liner from where you have a 360 degree view of NY. From the 70th floor you can contemplate Central Park, the Empire and the Chrysler Building. The visit is recommended at sunset, when the city lights begin to turn on.


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