Thailand – Pamela's exciting experience at Elephant Camp in Maesa, Thailand

For the Thais the elephant has a great spiritual importance deriving from Hindu and Buddhist mythologies. In ancient temples around the country there are statues representing Ganesh, the Hindu god with the elephant head . This good giant was very important especially in the past, when the kings of Ayutthaya relied on them to fight against the Burmese. That said, I recommend the experience I had today at "The Elephant Camp" in Maesa, in the north of Thailand . The visit includes an hour-long elephant ride , a demonstration of elephants at work and bamboo rafting on the Mae Ping River. We disabled people in wheelchairs can also sit on the canopy placed above the elephant's back. Click here now to discover our accessible travel for the disabled in Thailand! Such as? Getting help from the very kind guys who lead them and take care of them. This was not my first experience, I had already done a sitting elephant bear walk in 2014 during a trip to India. My advice is to stay very close , especially during the descents. If you are not too afraid, dare, the landscape is very lush and in this way you have the opportunity to admire all the most hidden points of the surrounding nature. I didn't get the impression that elephants are exploited or mistreated, far from it! The field and the animals are clean and well preserved! Fun to see them play football or paint with palettes like real artists! These elephants are all trained and the spectacle that you see is far from those proposed at the circus. Wonderful! I'll be visiting the white temple soon … The description on the next issue.

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Viaggio per disabili in Thailandia

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

from € 1890 - Voli esclusi

Viaggio per disabili in Thailandia

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

from € 1990 - Voli esclusi

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