United Arab Emirates – Pamela in Dubai

Accessible Dubai

The most unbridled luxury is found right here in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, the tourist becomes a spoiled and revered guest during the entire stay of the trip. With regard to accessibility for the disabled, both in the various hotels and in the new part, there are no problems as they have built everything without architectural barriers. However, some problems can be found in the old part of the city, in my opinion the most beautiful and fascinating. Click here now to discover our accessible trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in Thailand! The only non-artificial canal called the Creek divides the area into two: Deira and Bastiakiya. I highly recommend sailing it at sunset, where the spectacle that the sun illuminates is priceless! You have to bargain to get an Abrax, or wooden boats that make the full circle crossing the two banks continuously. I ran into some trouble getting on one of these wheelchair boats but the local people are nice and helpful in helping. Between the two old parts of this city, the one that is worth a visit is certainly Deira with its gold market. In my opinion their jewels are tacky and out of fashion, but it's still nice to see all the glitter that dazzles you as you pass through the street where the various jewelers are located. Continuing in Deira, you will find the spice market and that of fabrics. For shopping Dubai is a perfect destination. There are many Arab souqs which, in my opinion, are the most particular and interesting to visit. There are also numerous markets that are mostly found in the old area. Shopping centers, big malls, are springing up like mushrooms one after another. It is convenient to make major purchases in this city as it is a free port. The shopping center that attracted me most is the Mall of the Emirates which houses a ski slope, the Ski Dubai. It seems impossible to be at 40 degrees of temperature and see people coming down from the slopes created especially for fun. I assure you that it is curious to visit this area of the city above all in order to understand how much ingenuity and particularity they put into building these wonders. Buji Khalifa Tower has become one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world with its 163 floors for a total of 828 meters high. From the observatory at the top it is possible to admire the whole city. The show of the fountains that are positioned under the tower is really very nice and suggestive. By bus I also traveled to La Palma, from where I could see the private islets with their amazing villas! At the bottom of La Palma there is one of the most beautiful hotels in all of Dubai, the Atlantis hotel. If I were to return I think I would still choose a resort overlooking the beaches of Jumeirah. The sand is white and the sea is turquoise, an ideal location to rest after several visits. I left for last the most important symbol of the city, the seven-star hotel that made Dubai known all over the world: the Burj al Arab, better known as La Vela. To be able to visit it, you need to book a lunch, a dinner or even a simple aperitif. This is how I tasted the finest and tastiest foods of my life. The interior of the Vela leaves you speechless with its bizarre and eccentric colors. Each floor has a reception with red leather sofas. On either side of the entrance are giant aquariums with millions of fish swimming inside. The elevators and bathrooms on the floors are gilded, flowers are everywhere and the service is impeccable.

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