viaggio per disabili Creta

7 days / 6 nights

Crete between sea and history

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Crete between sea and history

An accessible beach holiday in Crete is the GO4all’s proposal for the summer, a nearby destination rich in history and the ideal choice for those who want to treat themselves with an accessible trip to the Mediterranean. The Minoan civilization , which takes its name from the son of Zeus Minos, lived here early in 3000 BC, bringing this island to its splendor. Its strategic position over time made it important above all for trade, but also for artistic and cultural exchanges, leaving it an enviable architectural heritage with its city-states embellished with luxurious and majestic palaces. Colonized by Romans, Arabs, Turks and Venetians it is possible to find traces of their cultures on the island still nowadays. Thanks to the long seasonality from spring to autumn, the ideal it’s to combine a seaside stay with the discovery of its history. Crete also has a tasty and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Among the typical dishes we remember the classic Greek dishes such as Dakos , Greek frisella seasoned with tomato, and tzatziki, a yogurt cream with cucumbers and garlic, and also the local specialties such as fried snails, smoked pork, kakaiba , a fish soup, and the countless “pitte” seasoned with cheese and vegetables. Do not miss the archaeological excursions, with a visit to the famous Minoan palace of Knossos , where the legend of the “labyrinth” still echoes thanks to its remains. Let’s not forget the archaeological museum of Heraklion with its 15,000 finds. More historically recent are the towns of Rethymno and Chania with their Venetian historic centers rich in history and charm, and the Arkadi monastery, one of the most important places of the Cretan revolt against the Turkish occupation. It is also essential to remember how much nature is the host with its dream beaches, such as Balos or Elafonissi.

Finally, the beauty of clay also means getting lost among the villages that dot it, discovering panoramic views, tasting in traditional inns and simply sipping a “raki” distilled from marc.

Minimum 2 participants

1° day

Arrival in Crete (- / - / D)

Arrival at Heraklion airport and welcome, pick up the rental car and transfer to your resort. (about 25km)
(it is also possible to arrive at Chania airport, although it is not recommended due to the distance from the resort)
Accommodation in an accessible deluxe room at Creta Maris 4 * with All inclusive treatment

Creta Maris 4 *
A perfect blend of tradition and luxury on a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, where guests can experience authentic Cretan hospitality.
Over 6 refreshment points and 9 bars available to guests, various water sports activities, fitness and wellness center, water park for children, entertainment, cinema and golf club.

2° - 6° day

Crete (AI)

Sea stay.

During your stay you can optionally book one of the following excursions (private excursions for customers with disabilities)

1st option
min 2 participants
rates per person Euro 170
Visit of the famous Minoan Palace of Knossos. The mythological legends of the Minotaur, Ariadne and Theseus still hover over the remains of what was once the "Labyrinth". We will then continue our day at the Archaeological Museum, located in Heraklion with its rich collection. Visit of the historic center of the city of Heraklion with the famous Morosini fountain, the Venetian loggia, the church of Agios Titos and free time.

2nd option
min 2 participants
rates per person Euro 90

Breakfast at the hotel and departure with a guide for the western area to visit the towns of Rethymno and Chania with their Venetian historic centers rich in history and charm We continue with a visit to the Arkadi monastery, one of the most important places of the revolt Cretan against Turkish occupation.

The guide / escort then follows the customers in their rental car and we coordinate the meeting point between customers and guide / escort
Shuttle with quote platform available on request

7° day

Crete (B / - / -)

Breakfast and check-out, release of the car and return flight.

Quota individuale di partecipazione min 2 partecipanti:


23/04-17/05 &


18/05-05/06 &


06/06-07/07 &


08/07-21/07 &




€ 860

€ 1.090 € 1.370 € 1.570 € 1.800

€ 45



Hotle proposto o similare:

  • Creta Maris 4*


Nota importante: le escursioni proposte possono subire variazioni e, sebbene studiate per risultare il più accessibili possibili, posso essere modificate in base alle diverse esigenze.


La quota include

  • 6 notti presso Hotel menzionato/i o se non disponibile/i altro/i della stessa categoria con camera accessibile
  • Noleggio auto cat base 7 giorni (es. modello kia picanto) Le tariffe includono: Servizi extra su richiesta: • Km illimitati – G.P.S = euro 5 al giorno • Assicurazione contro terzi – Riconsegna in un altro apt euro 40 • Assicurazione furto/incendio • Assicurazione casco • Guidatore aggiuntivo • IVA • Seggiolino bambino, booster • Trattamento indicato nel programma di prima colazione
  • Accoglienza in aeroporto/porto e l’assistenza per qualsiasi necessità ed informazione
  • L’assicurazione per l’assistenza medica
  • Kit da viaggio GoWorld (zaino, volumi fotografici, porta abiti/trolley – secondo importo pratica)


La quota non include

  • Voli e tasse aeroportuali
  • Mance
  • Servizio trasferimento con mezzo accessibile (disponibile su richiesta)
  • Resort Fee o Tassa di Soggiorno negli hotel, dove non indicato specificatamente.
  • Le escursioni facoltative, gli ingressi nei siti menzionati
  • Tasse governative e locali non in vigore al momento della quotazione
  • Le bevande e/o i pasti dove non espressamente menzionate
  • Spese ed Extra di carattere personale
  • Eccedenza bagaglio


  • Assicurazione integrativa annullamento viaggio
  • Assicurazione integrativa medico-bagaglio OPZ A: massimale spese mediche fino a 55.000 euro / bagaglio fino a 1.500 euro
  • Assicurazione integrativa medico-bagaglio OPZ B: massimale spese mediche fino a 155.000 euro / bagaglio fino a 1.500 euro
  • Assicurazione integrativa medico-bagaglio OPZ C: massimale spese mediche fino a 265.000 euro / bagaglio fino a 1.500 euro
  • Assicurazione integrativa GLOBY ROSSA
  • Quanto altro non espressamente indicato nella quota comprende od altrove nel programma
  • Quota di iscrizione

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