Go 4 All – We hit the track with the disabled, ready for the Bridgestone Cup

We are pleased to learn that the issue of disability has been gaining more and more public relevance in recent years, so much so that now almost everywhere associations and social groups are born that propose inclusive policies, aimed precisely at creating those indispensable conditions to meet the particular needs of the disabled. Let's think, for example, of those initiatives that aim to raise awareness of the rights they have and also all those sporting events that are considered as fundamental moments of aggregation , where there is no room for differences and one feels part of it. active of a group. One of these latest trends is represented by the Octo Bridgestone Cup, or the world championship, presented at the Motodays in Rome and promoted by the Onlus Di.Di. , Which as you have already guessed is dedicated to disabled riders , with the boundless passion for two wheels. To be precise, it is a competition born in 2014, which over the years has had a growing number of participants. In fact, it is thanks to it that Paralympic motorcycling has been able to develop , even at an international level. Bridgestone Cup This year, the aforementioned sponsor of Bridgestone, which as everyone knows is linked to the tire trade, has also decided to support our team of disabled riders, engaged in the International Bridgestone Hanry Race and that is a race dedicated to them which is divided into three stages: Le Mans together with MotoGP, Mugello with the FMI cup and Magny Cours with the Superbike. There will be 130 participants in the competition, who come not only from Italy, but also from Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Austria and the Czech Republic On the other hand, as regards the motorcycle classes allowed, they are the 600 and the 1000 of displacement, which run divided into separate classifications, but included in a single starting grid. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! So congratulations to the promoters of this interesting initiative and above all a big good luck to these our champions, who demonstrate truly exceptional tenacity and determination. Let's cheer them on, come on guys!

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