Go 4 All – Equally artists: Dance Academy for the Disabled

Patrizia Cribiori has had a passion for many years: dance ! For 35 years she has been teaching in her school, the ASD Studio Danza e Oltre , which she founded in Buccinasco in Viale Lombardia 49. She is convinced that art is without borders and that certain limits are only mental , which is why she created all inside his school an academy for disabled children. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! Patrizia talks about her approach to dance with Francesco , a boy suffering from spastic tetraparesis. Enthusiasm took over, and Patrizia decided to propose dance to other children and teenagers with reduced mobility problems. Thus was born "Ugalmente Artisti", an academy located within his school where, with the help of Francesco's mother and also with the support of singing teachers, it was possible to stage a real musical! The dance lessons are open to all the disabled and are free ! To date, more than twenty children with disabilities have taken part in this beautiful project. Patrizia is planning to increase the weekly hours to be dedicated to these boys and girls who, with dance and music, have become the protagonists of a dream! Cribiori has also involved other teachers from the school in this beautiful project and it seems that many have joined. Of course, because according to the brilliant dance teacher, any activity can be inclusive. Plus these guys are stimulated in a particular way that helps them feel better! The only difficulty that Patrizia and her non-ambulatory pupils have to face is to overcome a staircase that leads to the first floor, where the school is located. But they are not discouraged even in front of this barrier! Local authorities have given a hand to this initiative by granting free use of the Corsico theater where their Christmas show was held. Patrizia feels lucky, because these special students give her a lot. His next goal? Buy a vehicle with a platform to carry your kids around in their free time … Because friendship is what you need to feel less alone!

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