Go 4 All – The robot suitcase is born, the dream of every disabled traveler

Very soon, toiling around carrying heavy suitcases and bags on a trip will be just a memory. In fact, Alex Libman , the founder of the Israeli company NUA Robotics , created the first fully robotic suitcase , able to follow the owner's steps, autonomously, just as if he were a faithful dog. The suitcase works thanks to a bluetooth device , which is connected to the traveler's smartphone , in this way, thanks to the use of a camera, the suitcase is able to locate the correct position of the owner at any time and consequently moves following his direction, with the possibility also of flanking it at close range or passing it forward, at least as regards flat surfaces. Click here to discover all our travel proposals for the disabled and accessible !! In addition, the robo-trolley is also able to avoid obstacles that appear in front of it and is equipped with a powerful siren that is activated in case someone tries to steal it. the dream of every disabled traveler The intelligent mechanism that characterizes it, even allows you to prevent those possible cases of loss that it could incur, thanks to its ability to report its position to the owner's smartphone at any time. Within a year, according to its creator, the robot should appear on the market, even if at the moment there is no official news regarding the price and its autonomy, a feature to be taken into consideration. Ultimately, this is a really important invention, which will make travel even more comfortable and simple for everyone, especially for the disabled , who will surely be the ones who will get the greatest benefits. The technology developed with this suitcase will also be adapted to other uses, such as on supermarket trolleys and on various devices necessary for the life of a disabled person.

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